Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ted Nugent - Conservative Hero


Ted Nugent is going to attend the State of the Union address tonight as a guest of congressman Steve Stockman, the newest entrant in the Republican Crazier-Than-Thou Sweepstakes -  and the Tea Party types are loving it. Approving posts are rampant on Facebook. Yeah, by God, that'll stick it in Obama's ass, all right! Ah, the conservatives - you gotta' wonder at their total disconnect from reality, don't you? They call themselves the Christians. They call themselves the Patriots. They declare themselves the morality police for the whole nation. I guess Uncle Ted is who they hold up as a role model for our kids to emulate.

One of the elements of gun control we almost all agree on, liberals and conservatives alike, is that guns should be kept out of the hands of mentally ill people, especially violent and paranoid mentally ill people. I'd submit Ted Nugent as Exhibit A. If ever anyone met that criteria in spades, it's Ted.

Of course, a lot of his foaming at the mouth behavior could just be a publicity stunt. He's built more of a fan base as a right-wing lunatic than he ever had as a musician.

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