Saturday, January 5, 2013

Guns and Abortion - Abortion and Guns

There aren't enough adjectives to describe how so many people, men in particular, feel about their guns. They are fervent, militant, adamant, maniacal almost, about their firearms. They post on Facebook and write blogs and comment on articles. They will go to the mat for the Second Amendment, asserting that we'll have to pry their weapons out of their cold dead hands! According to the NRA, there must be absolutely NO restrictions on guns, NONE! You should be able to purchase them from the 7/11 down the street, carry concealed and unconcealed, anywhere and everywhere, across state lines and into churches and bars. It's in the Constitution. The Founding Fathers wanted us to have assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and probably hand-held missile launchers too. I watched a bunch of cops receive a shipment of M-16's once (surplus ones donated by the military). The look on each man's face as he was handed his own personal weapon was lust as pure as ever could be caused by that's era's version of Marilyn Monroe.

And, you know, if a bunch of our children are killed every year by firearms, well, that's just the price we have to pay to be FREE. Our kids are simply regrettable collateral damage, so to speak. Light a candle for Columbine; send a teddy bear to Newtown. That will make you feel better.

Here's the part I don't understand. People, men in particular, can feel so totally passionate and possessive about inanimate objects, objects you use strictly at your own convenience, objects you can leave at home when you go to the office or put away in the gun safe when you're done hunting and yet, they don't grant those same feelings of passion and possession to women regarding their own bodies, objects which are the most elemental things people own. You can't go anywhere without your body. You're at its mercy. If it is sick, you stay home from work. A sick pistol never forces you to miss work. It can dictate your mood. If it feels good, you feel good; if it feels bad, you feel bad. Women have to be careful because men desire their bodies. Dress it too provocatively and it causes some of them to believe that it's your own fault if you get raped. Your body dominates your existence every minute of your life. Compared to that, your gun is an insignificant piece of metal.

And, of course, the rub is that a woman's body can get pregnant which, ironically, is a condition many men believe they understand more than women themselves do. Now, those same men who are willing to shrug off Newtown and 20 dead first-graders become hysterical about aborted fetuses. "Oh, my God, she's destroying a fertilized egg!' This simply can't be allowed! Now when restrictions are all about women's bodies, they love restrictions, adore restrictions, restrictions so onerous as, hopefully, to prevent abortion altogether. We'll put in time mandates so that she has to travel long distances and stay over for 72 hours to try to increase the cost beyond what she can afford. We'll force her to endure expensive transvaginal ultrasounds and make her pay for them herself! We'll devise fiendish new laws that limit abortion clinics from performing their work, such as obtaining hospital privileges, which we'll then ensure they can't get - ha!ha! We'll defund Planned Parenthood and all the health services it provides to poor women because of the relatively small number of abortions it sponsors (with donated money, not government funds).

Conception stemming from rape or incest? Oh, come on, what's a little forcible sex between friends? Aren't you ladies over-reacting? Just suck it up and have the baby we're positive God wants you to have. You say your health, maybe even your life, is endangered? Let us think about that one for a while to decide whether we believe your death in child birth is simply an expression of God's will.

So, there we go. Gun rights, obviously, are sacred. The government should just keep its freakin' hands off limiting the Second Amendment in any way. Women's bodies? Not so much. Your body doesn't even belong to you, really, the government just lets you borrow it but at the point, it believes it has a vested interest in it, they claim their ownership authority. The government being mostly men, of course, and ironically, the ones who are most intense about their absolute right to control their guns are often the very same ones who happily deny women the right to control their own bodies. Ironically, it is often the same men who call the death of 20 previously living, breathing, feeling first-graders "unfortunate" become nearly crazed at the prospect of a lump of unconscious cells being aborted.

If that doesn't seem like the height of self-centered arrogance to you, you're not thinking right.

You know that phrase you use about "prying your guns out of your cold dead hands"? That's pretty much sums up how I feel about you keeping those same hands off my body.

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