Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh, No, David Gregory, Not Again!

I don't know about you but I'm goddamned sick of John McCain and Lindsay Graham and Kelly Ayotte, the three piously self-important senators who have taken it upon themselves to be the kangaroo court prosecutors of Benghazi though they have not a shred of credibility or authority on which to hang their hats.

Whatever their true reasons, they have decided to crucify Susan Rice, our U.N. ambassador, who famously went on the Sunday talk shows early on to give a statement about what supposedly happened in Libya. Those talking points, provided to her by the C.I.A. (the same ones, incidentally, that were provided to Congress) turned out to be wrong. They may have been in error due to the the rapidly changing nature of intelligence coming in during a time of crisis or they may have been deliberately manipulated in order not to reveal classified information.  (Gee, that would be the first time the intelligence community has ever done anything like that, wouldn't it?)

Either way, Susan Rice was caught in a Catch 22 and the senators are gleefully using that position to paint her as either a) stupidly incompetent for not knowing the truth, b) a political hack deliberately lying to the American people to protect Barack Obama (an African-American woman named Rice giving incorrect information to cover for a president - I wonder where they could ever have gotten that idea?) or c) I don't know, deliberately traitorous, I guess, because we all know these black people are secretly in league with our subversive Kenyan-born Muslim president.

And what do you suppose the Big Three would have said about Susan Rice if she had decided on her own, that damn it, she was going to by-pass the talking points and tell all, classified information be damned? Do you suppose the self-righteous triumvirate would have excoriated her then for disclosing national security secrets (which is illegal, by the way)?

This is why I could never be a successful politician. If I were Barack Obama, I don't think I could resist telling McCain, Graham and Ayotte to go screw themselves. But no, instead, the administration bent over backwards with this latest effort to please them wherein Ms. Rice and the Intelligence Director actually had a special meeting with them to try to alleviate their concerns. Did anyone not know how that was going to turn out? Did anyone think there was the remotest possibility that anything at all could have been said to satisfy the three Don Quixotes, viciously tilting at their windmills? (Can it be possible that this president still harbors illusions that the Republicans will deal with him rationally or was he simply trying to prove a point?) Or did we believe they'd emerge from their face-to-face still firmly in possession of their preconceived biases, their loathing and their obsession? I know that's certainly what I figured would happen because this is the Senators' grandstand and there's no way they are going to give it up.

How else could John McCain maintain his "if it's Sunday, it must be John McCain" persona? Seriously, is he at the top of every freakin' list of potential guests on every single Sunday show every single week? And how did he get to be the Republican expert on foreign policy anyway? And once you've established that position, is it secure into perpetuity even if you're wrong about every single prediction you've ever made? When you promised us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and the war would be over sooner rather than later and the Iraqis would meet us as beloved liberators and it wouldn't cost all that much, how can David Gregory still hang on your words as if you were the Oracle on the Mount?

And Lindsay Graham, the unctuous Mutt to McCain's Jeff, echoing everything the great man says. The purse-mouthed picture of pissy disapproval.

And now the original pair have been joined by yet a third sidekick, the school-marmish Kelly Ayotte who always looks as if she'd love nothing more than to pull out her paddle and whale away on somebody's bare butt.

Geez, this is the best the Republicans have to offer in the way of "loyal" opposition? Not the Three Musketeers, more like the Three Stooges.  

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