Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kiss Up and Kick Down

"Kiss Up and Kick Down" has long been the Republican mantra but the curiosity is why so many of the lower income groups don't realize it. Do they not recognize a sneer when they see it? Do they not recognize contempt when they hear it or do they simply not believe that the sneering contempt of Mitt Romney and his mega-wealthy cohorts is directed at them?

I assume it must be the last. You can evidently be sitting on the front porch of your home in a red state, with a minimum wage job and no health insurance, but still convince yourself that the lazy deadbeats Mitt was referring to as the 47% are that other guy. Evidently, even though you may be one illness away from losing your home, you feel justified in screaming for Mitt and the Boys to "Repeal Obamacare". It must not occur to you that you're one layoff away from needing food stamps to feed your own kids. Although, of course, if that happened to you, it would simply be bad luck, not that you prefer to be a freeloader who chooses that lifestyle because you'd rather suck off the government teat than take responsibility for yourself.

Doesn't it just make you want to shake these people and say, "hey, Dumb Ass, don't you know they are talking about you? Don't you have any goddamned pride?"

Because, of course, they are talking about you....and me. They get the lower class Republicans to fight their wars for them. "Storm those battlements until they rescind the evil Death Tax" Rush urges, and off the poor schmucks go, swords in hand - even though there is a $5 million exemption on estate taxes ($10 million for couple) so how many of their lowly warriors would ever have to pay a single penny when they die?

Lower the taxes and loosen regulations on the rich. They are the job-creators! Except the last time we did that, they created few jobs (and most of them were overseas) but they did almost cause a meltdown of our whole economy. Never mind, they deserve another chance!

Meanwhile, as the Upper One are fighting against everything that would benefit those of us clinging to the bottom rungs of the economic ladder, we smile fondly as Ann Romney takes a $77,000 deduction on her horse. Seriously? Having a horse in the Olympics is a business? Rather, I'd say it is an amusing hobby for a wealthy matron. There's nothing inherently wrong with it. It may even be admirable - but let the Romney's play with their pony at their own expense, not while Mitt's plan calls for raising taxes on poor people while lowering his own even more.

Romney is right about one thing. Forty-seven percent (or thereabouts) of us pay no federal income taxes. But 61% of that 47% pay payroll taxes which implies that they are working at low-wage jobs, not just sitting on their butts waiting for Big Daddy government to support them. Of the people who are left, many of them are the elderly (that'd be me) who worked their entire lives and are now collecting the social security and medicare they earned. Lumped in with the rest are the disabled (including our wounded veterans), students working (presumably to improve their lot in life and be able to pay taxes someday) and yes, those relatively few of us who are lazy bums. Oh, and by the way, there are a few thousand millionaires who paid no taxes either. I don't know what their excuse is although remember, Mitt said it is a "sin" to pay a penny more in taxes than you have to so, I guess, we have to grant them the moral high ground.

The very rich always consider our stuff much less valuable than their stuff. They are consumed with the 47%  of us who pay no federal income tax but most of us pay payroll taxes on every freaking penny we earn. Not so the rich. That payroll tax actually amounts to over 15% compared to the 13.9% that Romney paid. While the elites obsess about the 47%, they have no problem with their group paying minimal taxes on dividend and interest income, in fact, they want to lower it to zero! Because, I suppose, money earned for not working is just inherently more valuable than wages. Wages earned by the sweat of your brow is for the flunkies.

I fight with people on Facebook about this all the time. Man, they come rushing at me, incensed that I dare to besmirch the integrity of America's aristocrats at whose altar we are evidently supposed to worship, even when they are pouring boiling oil over our heads.

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