Friday, September 28, 2012

End The War!

I believe that if Barack Obama wanted to absolutely insure his re-election, he should call a press conference tomorrow and announce that he'd decided we've accomplished all we are going to accomplish in Afghanistan and therefore, he is ending the war and will begin bringing all our troops home on an expedited schedule. ASAP, in other words.

In 2008, the U.S. suffered 155 casualties  - in 2009, 317 - in 2010, 499 - in 2011, 418 and so far in 2012, 261. Is anyone under the illusion, including the President, that these deaths have made a real difference? Is anyone under the illusion, that Afghanistan won't revert to its true self when we finally leave, just as it did when Russia left? Is anyone under the illusion that Hamid Karzai and his administration aren't corrupt? How could it be that we watched Russia practically bankrupt itself beating its head against the Afghan wall, then we go in and do exactly the same thing....with the same results....for 11 freaking years. Our longest war ever!

In the meantime, the very "partners" we are supposed to be training are killing our own soldiers. Oh, that's not every single one of them. I realize there are Afghanis with good intentions for their country. But it's time to let them have at it. If they can't take it on their own by now, it's on them. We've wasted enough blood and money on a thankless mission.

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