Monday, September 24, 2012

As Soon As God Gets His Act Together....

Ever since this presidential campaign began, the question has been: "will the real Mitt please stand up." I believe he finally did with the secret Boca Raton tape. His sneering disdain for almost half of his fellow Americans only reinforced what I've thought about him all along - that he honestly sees the country as divided between the worthy elites, of which he himself is a prime example, and the lazy parasites. I think Mitt truly believes that he started even with everyone else and has succeeded so fantastically due to superior intelligence, sheer hard work and perhaps, a little boost from a Mormon God pleased by his pure wonderfulness.

Anyone who wasn't able to do the same obviously wasn't trying. The gall of a man who moves heaven and earth not to pay taxes to contribute to the fabric of the society that has benefited him so extravagantly while patronizing the working poor, the elderly, wounded veterans, the disabled, students is almost breathtaking. The smug self-righteousness of believing that he and his mega-rich peers deserve to to pay less in taxes than a janitor or secretary is amazing. The contempt he feels toward those pathetic creatures who believe food for their children is an entitlement. It is a world view I can't even begin to comprehend.

Romney accused the 47 percent of considering themselves victims but listening to the $50,000 a plate donors, the whine of victimhood was deafening. They are the good guys, as proven by their success. The country, they believe, would go down the drain without them. But no one appreciates them as they deserve to be appreciated. The lower classes, with Barack Obama's cooperation, want to come and take their stuff. This is the way you imagine the aristocrats would have talked prior to the French Revolution.

But all of this is somewhat understandable. After all, the super-wealthy live in an ivory tower and associate only with themselves. They reinforce their own inflated sense of self-worth. They rub elbows in mansions and exclusive resorts and yachts and five-star hotels. The only regular people they ever see are those who serve them and I doubt they give a thought to what it would be like to step into their shoes for even a moment.

What confounds me most is though is the submissive willingness of a big chunk of the lower classes to parrot those same beliefs. Where does that come from? Are the Americans who are either part of the 47 percent (social security recipients, for instance) or, at least a hell of a lot closer to the 47 percent than they are to Mitt and Ann Romney, really deluding themselves into thinking that they are only one invention or one lottery ticket away from being able to pay $50,000 for a political dinner with the Big Boys? Do they really think Romney and the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson would welcome them with open arms as a brother under the skin? Do they really think, in the event of a war with Iran, about which the Romney camp are so gung-ho, that the Romney children or the Adelson children or the Koch children are ever going to join their sons and daughters on the front lines?

The sad fact is that, rather than being one invention or one lottery ticket away from leaping into the ivory tower, they are actually one  lay-off or one catastrophic illness away from economic disaster during which they'd be forced to depend on all the programs of which the $50,000-a-platers are so patronizing.

They are one low-wage job away from not owing federal income taxes - not on the high end of the no-taxes scale, like the mega-rich,  but the low end.

Yet, they seem able to convince themselves they are really members of the elite, temporarily being forced to hang out with us lowlifes, us moochers, us deadbeats.

When I see poor people in desperate circumstances, I always think - "there but for the grace of God, go I." Evidently, the 47 percent who support Romney and his ilk think - "there, as soon as God gets his act together, go I."

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