Monday, July 23, 2012

What The Heck Was That All About?

I watched the NASCAR race on television yesterday. As always, it began with a prayer. The minister thanked God for "this beautiful day you've given us".  He thanked Him for all the good things he provides to us and does for us. At the end, I was thinking, and half-expected him to say, "but what about that Aurora thing, God, what the hell was that all about?"

I know believers always insist that God has a reason for everything that happens but what is the reason for an Aurora (or Virginia Tech or Columbine)? I mean, what reason would make it acceptable in your mind?

The N.R.A., which is every bit as devout about Guns as it is about God, probably believes that God provided this lethal incident as an excuse to go on Facebook to insist that the answer is: more Guns! They have been out in force for the last two days with all their slogans and posters. 

But who else besides the gun aficionados could find a way to spin this horrific event into a positive in God's favor? If you were God's defense attorney, what argument would you use to convince the jury that He was justified in what he allowed to happen?


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