Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Ugly Republicans

Obama library Montana GOP Memorial Day

This fine piece of work was at the Montana Republican convention this week. The outside featured fake bullet holes. Inside was a phony Obama birth certificate. There was also a sign that said, "for a good time, call Michelle Obama". Then the First Lady's name was crossed out in favor of Hillary Clinton, then Hillary's name was marked out to be replaced with Nancy Pelosi.

I expect lots of Republicans thought this was freaking hilarious. They probably fell on the pavement laughing. The Montana Republican leadership denied any knowledge of where it came from - "gee, we just don't know, it appeared out of nowhere". I believe that, don't you? Obviously, they had no objection to such a hateful thing representing their party or they would have ordered it to be removed.

They didn't...because this is today's Republican party - mean and ugly and totally self-absorbed. They believe that anyone who doesn't agree with them deserves to be demeaned and disrespected and maybe even destroyed. That can mean a sitting president duly elected by a majority of voters or it can mean whole groups of Americans - gays, women, Hispanics, African-Americans, working people.

Republicans just keep sliding down the degradation pole taking themselves and our democratic system along with them.  

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