Wednesday, June 13, 2012

America the Negative

The NASCAR championship and the presidential election will both be decided in November of 2012. If God were to let me decide one outcome or the other, I guess I would choose for Barack Obama to be re-elected because in the larger scheme of things, his election would affect many more people than who holds the Sprint Cup trophy at the end of NASCAR's season. Still, it wouldn't be an easy choice and there is at least a small outside chance, I'd say the hell with it and pick Jimmie Johnson over Barack.

People are people no matter where you find them and NASCAR fans are a cross-section of America, tilting about as much right of center as the body politic these days. Like voters, they lean toward contempt for the sanctioning body of their sport just like so many Americans scorn their own leadership. NASCAR fans think the men in the executive office are lying, corrupt assholes screwing the fans for the sake of their own selfish agenda, just as voters feel the same about their government (although both fans and voters disagree among themselves on what the rulers of the sport/government should do instead).

Both voters and fans also have a special dislike for the media, who they believe specialize in false spin. The drivers/elected officials fans favor never get the credit they deserve while the drivers/elected officials they loathe never get criticism they have coming.

In both politics and NASCAR, the disenchanted are much more likely to hop on message boards to vocalize their unhappiness than those who are relatively content, thus the posts of both political sites and NASCAR sites are skewed toward the negative. Hang out on the boards too long and pretty soon, you'll find yourself considering suicide, due to the hopelessness and utter lack of integrity in the world per the internet.

Obviously, NASCAR cheats for Jimmie Johnson (probably because they're paid off by General Motors) because no one could simply be good enough to win five championships. For whatever reason, we resist reveling in superior performance and exceptional talent in favor of  a glum and angry belief in rampant dishonesty. When Jimmie is named Athlete of the Year by the A.P. and Most Influential Athlete by Forbes, instead of being thrilled to see their sport receive such honors, lots of fans are furious.

Obviously, Barack Obama is our president because all those ignorant black and brown people and starry-eyed kids bought that whole bullshit "hope and change" story. A friend who is one of those who is consumed with Obama-hate told me yesterday that someone told her a funny joke - "we managed to kill two Kennedys but we can't get this one guy." ha!ha! Pretty funny, huh? This friend knows I support Obama but it never occurred to her that I would be horrified by such a statement. This is the ugliness that is America a decade into the 21st century.

So, that's why I might opt in favor of Jimmie if God lets me make the call. People, so the saying goes, get the government they deserve and it strikes me that maybe Mitt Romney is exactly what we deserve right now.  

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