Monday, May 14, 2012

I Guess Ignorance Really Is Bliss

My sister-in-law told my son that I am a political bully. She advised him to start watching Fox News and then he'd know the truth about how Obama and the Democrats are trying to destroy America. I can't respond directly to her because she made him promise not to tell me what she said so I'm not supposed to know.

My sister-in-law has been on assistance her entire life. First it was Aid for Dependent Children and Medicaid and Food Stamps and Section 8 Housing and Project Safe and free school lunches and let's not forget the secretarial degree she earned through a free education program (and never used). When her son was ready to turn 18 so that Aid for Dependent Children was about to come to a screeching halt, she managed to get on SSI and has received a check every month for almost quarter of a century. To be fair, she does have multiple medical problems. This is not a screed against unworthy benefit recipients although I'll admit I was sometimes envious when we were younger that she got to stay home with her son while I was stuffing mine into a snowsuit at 6:00 a.m. to go to daycare or that her son was having his teeth bonded via Medicaid when I couldn't afford take mine to a dentist or that she got new glasses every two years while I had to wait until I damned well saved enough money to pay for mine.

So, yes, I've had my moments of resentment but over all, I've always been supportive of helping others who were unluckier than me. (There, but for the grace of God, go I).  I've always been willing to pay taxes because I want all hungry children to be fed and all sick Americans to have healthcare and and all poor people to have roofs over their heads and all American kids to have a good education.

It has been the Democrats who have mostly made it possible for my sister-in-law to have collected all those benefits for all those decades. From the beginning, it was liberals who fought for Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid and food stamps and education programs and school lunches and Head Start and winter fuel assistance and free legal assistance for the poor and well, I could go on and on.... Until my 65th birthday, I neither needed or wanted to turn to any of those things, although I favored and helped pay for all of them. At 65, I began collecting Social Security and got my Medicare card.

And now that it's finally my turn to qualify for the benefits of working all my life, low and behold, my ignorant sister-in-law wants to throw out Obama and the Democrats in favor of Mitt Romney and the Paul Ryan budget which will gut all those programs that she and I both now depend on! In the most epic fit of self-destructiveness, she has decided to root for the very ones who've always hated people like her.....the very ones who'd have thrown her out on the street to fend for herself if they'd had their way.

Sometimes, it seems to me that if Americans are so blindly stupid, they deserve exactly what they get. Problem is, if they go down, they'll take me right along with them.

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