Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sluts and Prostitutes and Whores...Oh, My!

Well, now we know, don't we, thanks to Rush Limbaugh, what this brouhaha about the mandated contraceptive coverage in Obamacare is all about? It isn't about the Republicans reverence for fertilized eggs. It isn't about their deep concern for religious freedom. It is about sex - pure and simple. It is about these mostly older, mostly white men who truly seem to believe that if they don't keep us clamped down, women will turn into animals driven by our lust into God knows what depths of depravity. It is the same way they feel about gays and the meme they spread for so long about African-Americans who were, we were told, prone to engaging in randy, rutting sex at every opportunity.

God forbid! It appears to the small assemblage of moral purists (and their Stepford Wives...paging, Mrs. Santorum), that their ship of fools is about to be swamped by all the dirty, rampant sex washing across their bow, thanks to women, blacks, gays and Democrats!

Oh, how they miss the glory days when they called all the shots - those wonderful years when gays were closeted, negroes were intimidated and women were submissive. I'm sure they wish they'd never given their wives the privilege of voting because how can people who obviously aren't bright enough to make family planning decisions be intelligent enough to vote on issues like war and taxes?

Because you know how we women are? Give us a little freedom from the fear of pregnancy and our natural inclination is to turn into sluts and prostitutes, as Rush Limbaugh sees it. We want sex, lots and lots of sex, and if we're going to make men like Rush Limbaugh help pay for our birth control, why, we should at least be willing to film ourselves and provide the tapes on the internet. Give good old boys like Rush, a little cheap thrill for their contraceptive buck, so to speak.

It makes you wonder, doesn't it, how Rush managed to keep any of his four wives from getting pregnant? Is he impotent or sterile? Are all his marriages really platonic relationships, giving Rush cover so as to look normal? Or did his wives perhaps use birth control? 9Because, geez, who would want to be the mother who brought a Rush, Junior into the world?) If they did, did he even know it? I thought, on hearing his rants, and as Rachel Maddow illustrated so brilliantly on her show, that Rush doesn't know jack shit about how contraceptives work. He seems to believe that the more sex you have, the more birth control you need. How could you be married four times and bill yourself as the smartest man in the world and not even know simple biology? It boggles the mind. Would it be too much to ask Rush, before he expounds on these moral issues, to learn enough to know what the fuck he's talking about? Well, after all these years of Rushbo-ignorance, I guess it is.

Rush also didn't seem to know that Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student he slandered, wasn't even testifying of her personal experience with sex. She was speaking about a friend who had been prescribed contraceptive, not for birth control, but to prevent a serious medical condition. Because she was unable to afford her pills and because Georgetown refused to provide them, she ended up with a tumor that cost her an ovary. So, let's see - the Catholic priests want all of us to have baby after baby but by not providing this girl the medicine she needed, they may have prevented her from ever having a baby. A bit of a sticky wicket, huh? But I'm sure Rush and the Republicans believe God thinks it is a small price to pay to keep women in their places where they belong. Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made. Of course, those sacrifices are lots easier when you are ordering other people to make them.

I'm 65 years old. I've already fought this fight and yet,here we are again, brought back by the Republicans' way-back machine. Discouraging.


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