Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don't Apply for this Job if You Need a Job

Thank God, my days of job hunting are over forever!  I always thought there was a special place in hell reserved for what we called Personnel Managers back in the day, now more likely known as Human Resource Directors. They always made it sound as if you had the job in the bag so you went home, cleared your calendar and camped by the phone, waiting for the call that never came. Three weeks later, you'd get a letter saying, "we appreciate your interest in our company but we've found someone who more closely meets our needs."

Funny, how it so often turned out to be the superintendent's son - whom they knew they were going to hire from the git-go. They just held interviews to "go through the motions".

Or, perhaps, you never heard back from them at all. They just let you arrive at your own conclusions, as your mood tailed down from joy to doubt to despair, depending on how badly you needed the position.

I always wondered if they enjoyed the power they held in being able to toy with applicants or if they were simply unconcerned about the effect their actions had on others.

So, I guess, in a perverted sort of way, employers are actually being kinder to desperate job seekers by telling them right up front that if they are already unemployed, don't bother applying.Why give them false hope?

Yes, it seems that some employers don't want to hire you if you're already out of work. It implies something negative about the kind of human being you are, something distasteful and, well, it makes you appear to be a bit of a deadbeat. Obviously, if you were desirable, someone would already snapped you up, wouldn't they?  Never mind that we're creating a self-fulfilling prophesy.

What would you guess that most of the employers who take this position are Republicans because Republicans have the most unbelievably fucked-up attitudes about working and workers? It's no problem for them to believe two, or more, conflicting ideas at the same time.

1) We should not extend unemployment benefits because that encourages people not to look for a job;

2) But companies should have the right not to hire the unemployed, thus ensuring they'll need their unemployment benefits longer;

3) Corporations are the "job-creators" so they should be given big tax breaks so they'll have more money to hire more employees;

4) Never mind that we already gave them tax breaks and they didn't create any jobs with those dollars;

5) But we're sure it will work the next time because where we went wrong was not rolling back regulations to go with the tax breaks;

6) In the meantime, let's cut public assistance to the people who are struggling to survive because their unemployment checks are running out and they can't replace them with a real paycheck because of the reluctance of companies to increase hiring, although they they wouldn't get hired anyway because they're unemployed;

So, in theory, the best way to fill a position is to snag an employee from another employer, who will steal from another, who will steal from another. Sort of like musical chairs. If a job disappears for good, the unlucky person left standing will not get another job because they're unemployed. In the end, only the same dozen Americans will be trading the same dozen jobs amongst themselves.

Yes, I know, stupid and irrational but damn, trying to figure out where the Republicans are coming from drives you to irrationality.

What do you suppose they think will happen to all those laid-off people when they end unemployment extensions,  reduce public assistance and refuse to hire the non-working? Will they just dry up and disappear like so many puddles on a sunny day? And then, Employers, who will buy the cars and refrigerators and carpet and prime rib and plane tickets you must sell to survive yourself?







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