Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Come In Guns A'blazing, Mr President

Well, we're getting close to the president's big speech on job creation. Much discussion on television and in newspapers and around the 'net about what his proposals should be. Most of his base wants something big, not just playing around the edges. That would be my preference too. Make a bold statement. Pick a fight with the Republicans. Dictate a battleground on which to fight the next election. Go in with guns blazing to set a tone. Because that's all you're going to get out of this speech.

If you're still harboring hopes that any actual policy might result, you might want to consider changing your name to Pollyanna. Okay, I got the yearning for change and hope we could believe in and the heartfelt desire that Obama could get all our congresspeople to sit around holding hands and making S'Mores together that carried the day in the last election. Being an old political warhorse, I didn't believe it, but I got it.

If you still believe, then you're a cock-eyed optimist, with the emphasis on cock-eyed.

Obama may as well take some chances in this speech because the Republicans are going to say no to all of it anyway. If he says, the grass is green, they'll swear it's red....and call in the same scientists who back them up on climate change to testify. If he says two plus two is four, they'll claim it's nine....and bring the charts and graphs to prove it.  If he says Mary had a little lamb, they'll declare it was a little woolly pig....and do it with a straight face.

The Americans who voted for Obama in the naive expectation that he could magically sooth the savage beast that is today's Republican party (did they not pay any attention to Bill Clinton's impeachment?) should certainly have come to their senses by now and so should have Obama himself.

The Republicans aren't interested in bipartisanship to help the economy or put Americans to work, folks. Not if they'd have to share any of the credit with the president. They've got the next election in their gun sights. Better for everything to stay bad until then.

We should have been talking about job creation for at least the last two years. Instead, they bogged us down with a fight to the death over deficit reduction even though they have to know that providing jobs causes the most positive kind of deficit reduction. Well, positive for working people, not necessarily positive for the party that wants to take over the White House.

So their answer to the unemployment problem? Lower taxes and de-regulation. Seriously, de-regulation! Oh, so, that's why businesses haven't responded to the tax breaks with which their Republican cohorts have showered them by increasing their hiring? It's those damn regulations that keep them from it. Give me a fucking break.

I know being a warrior isn't Barack Obama's natural style. He prefers cool, calm, rational discussion...and that's fine when you're dealing with rational opponents but he's not.

So, it's back to the drawing board for a speech that is full of fire and creativity and, yes,  some threat as well. You're never gonna' make your enemies happy, so at least do something to please your friends.






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