Friday, August 19, 2011

Is This the God You Believe In? Really?

There's a new post going around on Facebook. It goes something like - a little boy asks God why he allows bad things to happen in schools and God sadly replies, "because I'm no longer allowed in school".

I realize the post is trying to make a point but I'd be a ashamed to copy it. Is this wimpy God, who accepts his rejection with his head down and his tail between his legs, really the Supreme Being you, as a Christian, believe in? If not, why do you want to give the impression that you do, even as an ironic statement?

Have we really gone so far down the road toward seeing everyone as a victim that you even want to present God himself in that light?

For Pete's sake, People, if you take your own Bible literally, yours is a God of power and yes, wrath - willing to kill off a whole generation of male babies, sending plagues of locusts to wipe out entire crops, turning a woman into a pillar of salt for looking back at her home, killing all but a few living creatures in a flood -  all without a moment of remorse. Does this sound like a God who would submissively stand outside the school house door, meekly accepting his fate? Wouldn't that God inflict the Supreme Court with a scourge of agonizing boils instead?

The fact is that if what you believe is true, your God has always allowed bad things to happen - at school and anywhere else he deemed necessary. It isn't your place to assign reasons for that, especially when your reason portrays a God who has been handcuffed and shackled by earthly authority.

This is all a farce anyway because God isn't banned from schools. Your children can pray any time they like. They can send as many pleas to God before the big test or the big game as they choose. They just have to do it in private. And, ah, that's the rub, isn't it?  Certainly you believe that God hears all those silent prayers but that's not enough. What you actually want is for everyone else to have to join in whether they believe in a different God or no God at all. Even at the risk of weakening his image by posting nonsense on Facebook.



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