Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Homosexuality and Hypocrisy

You know how it is always said that it's not the crime that brings you down, it is the cover-up? Well, it's not the philosophy that brings you down, it's the hypocrisy. I don't think most Americans, especially younger ones, much care if you are gay. Now that more homosexuals have found the courage to come out, (making it safer for their brethren and sistren to do the same) and now that almost all of us can say, "some of my best friends and favorite relatives are gay", sexual orientation by itself is a neutral element in what makes up the whole person. Like heterosexuals, homosexuals can be compassionate or cruel, selfish or generous, wise or foolish, outgoing or introverted, fickle or loyal, or maybe a combination of more than one at any given time. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with it. Gays are our most heroic soldiers and our most horrific criminals, just like everyone else.

I have a gay friend whose home could be photographed for House and Garden. He lives up to the generalization that gays are more design-oriented than the rest of us. I have a cousin who is gay who is a total slob.

Even the Republicans seem to be giving up on their prejudice in light of the majority of Americans,especially younger ones, who believe gay marriage is a ho-hum issue. If you've lost your job and your house is going to be foreclosed and your daughter in pregnant and your son is hooked on meth, are you really going to spend much time worrying about whether your gay next door neighbors are married?

Besides that, as time passes, we find out that more and more Republicans are gay. Ken Mehlman just outed himself. Back when he was Ronald Reagan's representative that might have been a huge scandal. In 2011, no one cares.

So, now, our contempt is reserved for those who rant and rail against homosexuality as sinful even as they practice it themselves...right up until they are caught up in their own moral dishonesty. And if we feel contempt for them, imagine how overwhelming their self-contempt must be?

And then there is the Church, of course, but we who are or ever were Catholics have become used to the idea that the lag time between the enlightenment of its followers and its own enlightenment can be counted in centuries. For the foreseeable future, it will hold its condemnation of gay parishioners in one hand even as it tolerates and protects its gay priests with the other in the ultimate act of hypocrisy.

In the meantime, the rest of us have problems of our own.






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