Thursday, July 7, 2011

Caylee Anthony is Dead!

Caylee Anthony is dead! I don't know what happens to children after they die. Heaven or nothingness? Either way, that poor little girl is out of any worldly suffering she may have endured. She doesn't need our moans of anguish nor does she care if a million porch lights across America burn in her honor. It doesn't matter to her how many post their outrage on Facebook or in scathing comments across the world wide web.

As far as I'm concerned, all the howls about the jury verdict are just wasted emotion. Because millions of kids are still alive and in pain. If you want to do something to remember Caylee, then do something for them.

My own pet charity for children is the Barium Springs Home for Children  ( Barium Springs has been in existence since 1891 providing a place to live for abused and neglected children. I send them a small donation whenever I can afford it. I didn't notate it on the check itself but this last one was sent with a thought for Caylee Anthony.

It doesn't have to be Barium Springs (which is in North Carolina - I got involved with them through NASCAR driver, Bobby LaBonte). There are similar places in your own state and Google will be glad to help you find them. Or you can sign up to be a Big Brother or Big Sister to be a stable presence to a child whose life is beset by the insecurity of poverty and a missing parent. There are other volunteer opportunities as well.

Because I guess I gotta' think that if your concern about Caylee confines itself to blowing off to your buds on Facebook, it is neither very wide nor very deep.

What I find most ironic is that it is so often the seriously Christian who are the most bloodthirsty about Casey Anthony. You'd think they'd be the ones most likely to be content to accept the outcome of the trial as God's will, serene in the belief that He will certainly punish Casey in His own time and His own way. But, of course, many of them are not. They want their vengeance and they want it now - forget "vengeance is mine," sayeth the Lord!

I didn't follow the trial with any great attention so I don't know exactly what I think happened but, certainly, whatever it was, the dysfunctional Anthony family failed Caylee on a lot of different levels. Did that mean they didn't love her?  Not necessarily.

I've known many abusive families and almost none of them were all one thing or all another. In most, love and pain are all mixed up together.

But you can bet one thing. Caylee Anthony loved her mother, as even mistreated children do. If you could possibly seek Caylee's opinion, my guess is that she would beg you not to hurt her Mommy. So if you think your desire to punish Casey in some of the horrible ways I've read in your comments on the web, is for Caylee's sake, you're wrong.

If you really care for Caylee, you'll pay your concern forward. You'll try to lessen the suffering in some other child's life...some living child's life. Because, in case you hadn't noticed, Caylee's struggle is over.




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