Saturday, June 18, 2011

*Note - Reprint from my blog

Jimmie Johnson - Greyhound - He might be playful and affectionate at home (as you'd know if you followed him on Twitter) but put him on the track and he's a pure professional. He doesn't ever let his attention get distracted away from chasing that rabbit.

Jeff Gordon - Collie - Graceful, dignified, responsible, but still capable of administering a serious bite in protection of his territory.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr - Blue Tick - Dead honest but a little stand-offish with those he doesn't know well. Set him a task, give him some encouragement and he'll do his best to accomplish it.

Trevor Bayne - Cocker Spaniel puppy - Sweet and adorable. Everyone wants to pet him.

Carl Edwards - Gold Retriever - Friendly, funny, attractive. The All-American dog but like Americans themselves, he can exhibit a dark side if he feels he's being pushed too far.

Kevin Harvick - Pit Bull - Of course. When he has his jaw clamped on his victim, he doesn't want to let go. Shows that same tenacity on the track, bulling his way from back to front in spite of obstacles in his path. Question: is fight or flight the wisest championship course or can he have both?

Kyle Busch - Jack Russell Terrier - He can run faster and jump higher than most other breeds. He'll dig a hole to China to catch his prey. Young JR's sometimes get themselves in trouble biting off more than they can chew.

Matt Kenseth - Border Collie - not the loudest or showiest breed but all business. He often has his sheep corralled while others are still running around hunting theirs.

Tony Stewart - Boxer - solid, steady and loyal. Superior on obstacle courses because he can adapt quickly to any kind of terrain. Not above showing his teeth if things don't go his way.

Ryan Newman - Rottweiler - brawn and brains powered by perseverance.

Clint Bowyer - Labrador Retriever - outgoing, entertaining, sometimes clownish, well liked by most of the other dogs but a strong performer in the field as well.

Mark Martin - Rat Terrier - eagerness to please on the outside, aggression on the inside. Check out his workout regimen if you don't think he isn't stoked by pure competitiveness.

Kurt Busch - Chow - Known for being sometimes short-tempered but note to owner * he can pull his weight when he's happy with his doghouse, his dog food and his toys.

Jeff Burton - American Foxhound - Classy breed, works cooperatively with others. Not demanding but diligent about trying to bring home the prize.

Marcos Ambrose - Okay, we'll go with Australian Terrier. The Aussie accent, charm and sense of humor overlays ambition and hunger to succeed.

A. J. Allmendinger - Corgi - Heir to royalty. Impatient and eager to prove himself worthy.

David Reutimann - Old English Sheepdog - Not as well-groomed as some. Low-key and self-deprecating, maybe a little too much so.

Kasey Kahne - Afghan Hound. - Swift and beautiful but too reserved to win the Congeniality award.

Brian Vickers - Irish Setter - Always first to volunteer for daring feats. Brash and confident. Confidence may out-strip his talent on occasion.

Greg Biffle - Alaskan Husky - Tough, able to struggle through hardship and survive on lean rations while still making a full contribution to the team. Over-shadowed by the Golden Retriever in his kennel.

Denny Hamlin - Airedale - Smart, self-assured, exceptionally capable. May want to learn not to bark so loud to warn others that he's coming.

Brad Keselowski - Schnauzer - One of the brightest breeds. Funny and feisty. Never backs down from the larger dogs, has the bite marks to prove it.

David Ragan - English Setter - Quiet and courteous, later bloomer, hopefully showing his ability in time.

Juan Pablo Montoya - Doberman Pinscher - aggressive, energetic, impatient, willing to knock the other dogs out of the way to get to the bone first.

Joey Logano - Beagle puppy - Still going through that awkward stage. When he matures into himself, he'll live up to his potential.

Jamie McMurray - Brittany Spaniel - One-man dog?

Martin Truex, Jr - Portuguese Water Dog - humble, hard-worker, keeps his head down and does his job, doesn't cause trouble in the Dog Park.


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