Monday, May 2, 2011

Credit All Around

Well, well, well, we finally got Osama bin Laden. What wonderful news - and the part I like about it best is that the way it went down, it gives credibility and respect to various issues and people and ideas that pains both sides in America's cultural divide to admit to.

Starting, of course, with Barack Obama. Oh, my, it is been fun to watch his mortal political enemies find twisted ways to give him only the least bit of credit. Some said they wished it had been Bush. But it wasn't Bush, was it? It was Barack (whom, even yet, many right-wing nuts believe is a Kenyan-born Muslim) and his administration that developed the final piece of intelligence and gave the order to go in and get Osama. No way around it. The president came through big-time. Suck it up, Trump!

The Obama administration  - for playing political hardball in not informing either Congress or any of our allies, including Pakistan. We just went and got the job done and told them after it was a fait accompli. We tend to think of Democrat presidents as being too concerned about the niceties of diplomacy to take unilateral action but not this time. As they say in NASCAR - "light the fires and kick the tires, Big Daddy, and let's go racin', Boys!"

The C.I.A - most liberals loathe the C.I.A. and everything it stands for. There's no doubt that agency has been involved in some pretty shaky operations in its history. Besides that, in the last several decades, they've seemed to put most of their eggs in the technological basket, forgetting that there in no replacement for human intelligence. In spite of often having to fight for their political lives, they stepped up and got the job done here.  Bravo to the agents who live on danger's edge to protect us while we sit safely in purse-mouthed moral judgment back home.

Special Operations - I'm so thrilled that it was a team of Special Forces who nailed Osama, rather than an impersonal missile attack. I can't even imagine the courage and confidence in your team it would take to be dropped via helicopter into a highly protected compound in enemy territory based on what may or may not be correct information, then to have to engage in a firefight once inside. I love spy novel heroes like Sean Dillon, Mitch Rapp, The Gray Man, Micah Dalton and Gabrial Allon as well as many others. It's nice to know their real-life counterparts are alive and well, as brave and daring as they are in fiction.

Guantanamo Bay - I'm opposed to torture and will always be. I don't believe it is as effective as other methods of interrogation. Having said that, some of the information that led to Osama's death came from the Guantanamo detainees. George W Bush and his administration deserve credit for ensuring they were there to be interrogated.

I'm glad Bin Laden's death came down to a shot to the head. This seems more fitting and honorable on America's part than a dropped bomb. I'm glad Osama won't be around for a long, drawn-out trial during which he'd be able to spew his poison to the world. I'm glad they buried him at sea so there will be no gravesite or or martyr's memorial where his follower's can pay homage.

This was a win-win-win all around and everyone on all political sides deserves some of the credit for a job well done.