Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pick Yourself Up Off the Floor and Fight!

I haven't been up to perusing all the election results yet. Just the ones I've picked up from watching the lines running across the bottom of my t.v. screen are depressing enough.

For instance, here in Indiana we have once again elected Dan Burton. Dan is our state's version of Strom Thurmond. I'm convinced we will still be voting for him when he is drooling in his Archie chair in the nursing home. He could not be demented or hypocritical enough  to forfeit our misplaced veneration.

And now, we have resurrected the dreaded Dan Coats from the grave. Geez.

If you remember, the two Indiana Dans were in the forefront of the howling Republican mob that impeached Bill Clinton. I wonder what they are planning for their second act for a Democratic president? What show could they possibly produce to match that sickening display of partisanship? What Clinton did wasn't high crimes and misdemeanors but rather low crimes and infractions but it made a great excuse for gleefully satisfying the public's prurient interest in Old Bill's sex life. And it gave almost every Republican, and even some sanctimonious Democrats (Joe Lieberman, anyone?) the opportunity to get in front of a microphone and sermonize, ad nauseum.

Of course, later we discovered that Clinton was a piker compared to the transgressions of the very Republicans who were attempting to tar and feather him and run him out of Washington on a rail. There was Newt, telling his cancer-ridden wife in the hospital that he wanted a divorce to marry the aide with whom he'd been having an affair, (after, incidentally, encouraging his pregnant girlfriend to have an abortion). There was Burton himself, forced to admit to an illegitimate child that he neither acknowledged or supported (it's that family values thing, doncha know?) There was Bob Livingston, the then-new Senate Majority Leader who stepped down almost immediately when his dalliances were made public. Later, we discovered old racist Strom himself had a black daughter...... Hypocrisy and the Grand Old party - they go together like, well, like spoiled fish and stink.

Both Republicans and Democrats (i.e., John Edwards) are sinners, it's just that the D's aren't usually as phonily self-righteous about it as the R's).

I also watched John Boehner, likely to be the new Speaker of the House, and his attack dog, Mitch McConnell, giving their little acceptance speeches on television. Boehner, a catch in his voice, came across all humble. If I had a dollar for every time he said "the American people" (as in: "we're going to listen to the American people"), I could retire tomorrow instead of having to wait until I'm 65. Mitch, meanwhile, was the bad cop. He threatened the Dems that if they knew what was good for them, they'd approach the new Republican majority in the House on bended freaking knee. I wish I had the energy to go back and see if he was singing the same tune when the situations were reversed and the Republicans lost big two years ago. My guess is: not.

I used to be a positive Democrat, however, after the last election, I became a negative Democrat, which is to say I'm a Democrat only because I detest the Republicans even more. I turned against the Dems for the very thing we're talking about here: I thought that after eight years of Bush, et al, we needed to go on the offensive in a major way. And in Hillary, we had just the person to do it.

But no, my party in their typical timid fashion decided on Obama. We wanted to change the culture in Washington, forgetting it takes two to dance that tango. We were into peace, love, cooperation and tolerance (for minorities but not women, by the way). Barack was going to usher in a new era of forgiveness. Just one big, happy American family holding hands and working together to solve the problems the Bush era left behind.

I thought they were nuts. I thought they had no evidence whatsoever on which to base the possibility of  such an outcome - just blind faith in their new, young, charismatic president. But charisma only takes you so far and then you need someone who will get down in the trenches and go to work, who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty, as I believe Hillary would have.

We had two years to try to pull off the kumbaya thing and just got our asses kicked as a consequence. So now we'll see if the Democrats have any fight left in them or if it will be all about placating and pacifying their new partners.

I say: screw bipartisanship because you know that's the tactic the Republicans will employ. I don't even mind so much if the Democrats go down but, Good Lord, I'd at least like to see them go down swinging.

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