Thursday, September 30, 2010

Daydream Island

One of my on-going daydreams is about living on an island. It is an island that is difficult to reach so that anything you bring there requires enormous effort. You have to be extremely selective about what you consider a necessity.

I used to truly believe that I would leave my television set behind but that changed when I became a NASCAR fan. Now I'd simply have to go to whatever lengths it took to be able to watch the pre-race, race and post-race shows. Thank God, modern technology has made t.v. watching more user friendly.

I always resented the television because I saw it as a dictator and that's somewhat true, even today. Say, you're interested in learning about World War II but the History Channel decides the subject is to be the Revolutionary War. It's their way or no way - but the abundance of stations available now has given watchers more control, especially if you have a satellite. My friends who are into horse racing and rodeo can access channels dedicated to those two sports. That certainly wasn't true 20 years ago.

The television also used to be able to force you to tolerate inane commercials and determine when you could safely run to the kitchen for a snack. DVR and TIVOs have fixed those problems for those lucky enough to have them. You can fast forward through commercials and pause when you need a potty break.

Having said all that, with books, you are the master and they are your attentive servants so my island would have to have a direct line to  Periodically, the UPS plane would fly over and drop a skid of books.

I'd have to have high speed internet, of course. That way I'd still have a source of communication and music and knowledge of the world outside my island, even if I chose not to pay much attention to it.

I'd have a cell phone but only nine people would know the number. I'd give the same nine people the GPS coordinates to the island so they could come and visit.

Other than the television, a coffee pot is the only appliance I couldn't live without. I'd leave almost all my clothes behind except for a few loose-fitting caftans and some sandals. No bras. I'd never wear a bra again....ever. No huge bag of make up or myriad nail care products or small, medium and large curling irons and brushes/blow dryers/diffusers/straighteners/kinkers. No permanents or dyes.

And certainly no clocks - a golden sun and a silver moon would be all I'd need to tell least, close enough.

I would leave all my collectibles behind. I don't need candles or angels or teapots - just an occasional perfect shell washed up on the beach or maybe an especially graceful piece of driftwood.

I wouldn't have to take any prescription pills on my island because I would no longer be stressed enough to irritate my ulcers (well, except when watching the races, of course), my blood pressure wouldn't be high and I'd be forced to be on a healthy diet since fresh fish, mangos and coconuts would be the only foods available - so no blood sugar fluctuations.

I haven't decided about cigarettes yet. Commonsense would dictate that a deserted island would be the perfect place to quit with no Village Pantry down the block but, man, I'm giving up so much else to be here. Maybe I could just smoke for a while at first, then taper off.....

I have a dog with me on my island, a black and silver German Shepherd, and a long-haired black Maine Coon Cat. Their names are Shiloh and Santee. There are wild horses there too. I don't want to ride them, just watch them, along with all the other wildlife.

There aren't many laws on Daydream Island because without people you hardly need laws. I'm taking my Glock for self-protection but I'm the only one here who has a Second Amendment right.

I'm not sure exactly where this island is. It is washed all around by an ocean but other than an occasional exciting storm for show, there are no hurricanes or tornadoes or volcanoes. It is as warm as the tropics, a cozy fire in the fire place is all that's needed to stay snug in the hut. Many startlingly colorful birds along with southern birds like pelicans and frigate birds make their home here but it is characterized by topography more like the American midwest - green grass and clear creeks, maple trees and lilacs. There are no poisonous plants or snakes or bugs.

I imagine myself sitting on the verandah of the hut, watching blue waves sliding into shore, hearing trees rustling in the breeze and the squawk of seagulls, with my faithful dog at my feet and the cat in my lap....because everyone needs a place of perfect peace even if it's only in day dreams.

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