Thursday, July 22, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I'm a Jimmie Johnson Fan

Top ten reasons I'm a Jimmie Johnson fan.....

10) Nobody looks as good in a red firesuit as Jimmie.

9 ) Kobalt Tools commercials - "what are you doing, Jimmie?" "Pipefitting, Chad."

8 ) Close as I'll ever come to having a golden horseshoe of my own.

7 ) Getting to watch new baby Genevieve Marie grow up without ever being asked to babysit.

6 ) "New leader, the 48".

5 ) Extreme cardio workout whenever JJ is contending for the win.

4 ) Only have to remember one sponsor name - all Lowe's, all the time.

3 ) Thrill of seeing Jimmie slice and dice his way from the back of the pack.

2 ) Chad Knaus - Cup's coolest crew chief.

1 ) More bang for your buck - "five straight for the 48!"

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