Friday, June 4, 2010

Odds and Ins

- Is it the Republicans' long-term plan to simply try to impeach every Democratic president who gets elected? Listen, I pretty much couldn't stand your guy either. I believe George W Bush did lots of things that were pretty iffy, maybe even impeachable, if you go by the same standard Republicans set with Clinton, but I hope I'm intelligent enough to know that you can't run a successful democracy by throwing yourself on the floor and holding your breath until you turn blue every time an election doesn't go your way. Grow freakin' up, Republicans!

- I had a friend who worked most of his career for Amoco, then BP bought out his facility. He said they immediately backed off on safety regulations - fewer inspections, cheaper solutions. There was an explosion in which one of his best friends was killed.  Shouldn't have happened. Now BP's bottom line way of doing business has polluted huge areas of the gulf,  and perhaps, beyond, devastating plant, animal, fish and human life. When this is over, they should be bankrupted paying restitution and their assets sold off to more responsible companies. Some massive failures are beyond being allowed to come back and try again.

- Well, it turns out Indiana's own Representative Holier-than-Thou Mark Souder had to resign his House seat due to having an affair with one of his aides. Souder was one of those most outraged by Bill Clinton's fall from grace. Abstinence was one of his pet issues. This is often the difference between Republicans and Democrats - the Dems have their moral failings but they're usually rather tolerant about the imperfection of their fellow man (and woman). Meanwhile, Republicans preach incessantly and judge harshly about the wages of sin....right up until they are caught out themselves.  Don't cry for Indiana though....we still have Dan Burton (he of the unacknowledged, illegitimate son) for comic relief.

- Ironic, isn't it? Bill and Hillary still together despite all their ups and down. Al and Tipper, childhood sweethearts, calling it quits. Outsiders never know what bond holds couple together....or what heartaches drive them apart.

- It seems like my group of friends have been experiencing quite a long spell of misfortune, significant misfortune - like suicides and lost jobs and serious illness and problems with their kids and grandkids. LeAnn e-mailed me the other day. She said she'd reached her last straw. She lives in a very small house so come winter, she puts her winter clothes and blankets in those vacuum bags so they can be stored out of the way under the bed. She bought some new ones this year. Had the last one filled. It was dim in the bedroom. Started to hook the sweeper to the hole but couldn't find it. Turned on the light to investigate, only to discover, as she said, "I'd bought a suck bag without a suck hole". That has become our new code phrase for having reached the very bottom - "how bad is it?" "So bad, I bought a suck bag without a suck hole".

- My friend, Blythe, believes Barack Obama is a Muslim. She declares he will never be her president. She thinks his goal is to destroy America. She is an intelligent, middle-class, basically kind person who will go above and beyond to support a friend.  She forwards me rabidly right-wing e-mails which I delete without reading.  There is just no way you can have a rational discussion with a mindset like that.  She isn't a crazy in any other area of her life. Can't help wondering, though,  just how many of them like her there are? Scary.

- Of course, she thinks I'm crazy too for having become, in my old age, a maniac NASCAR fanatic. My mood is determined by how well my driver did in the weekend race. Jimmie has been having a run of bad luck lately, crashing out in his last several starts, slid from 1st to 7th in points. I wonder if he's at the point of feeling like he bought a suck bag without a suck hole?

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