Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Don't Care Who People Sleep With...

My pre-going to work ritual includes watching Morning Joe on MSNBC while I put my make up on. I think I watch this program to get my blood stirring for the challenges ahead because, more often than not, Morning Joe pisses me off, most especially Our Lady of the Self-Righteous, Mika Brzezinski.

In a perfect liberal world, Mika would be the Chief of the Lifestyle Police because she knows what is best for all of us. People like me would be arrested and sentenced to walk five miles a day, eat a fat and sugar-free diet, drive alternative-fuel vehicles and watch only Mika-approved television programs (goodbye NASCAR with your ear-splitting, gas-guzzling engines and white-males-only entry application and idolatry of elemental men who settle their differences with skill and speed on a dangerous racetrack instead of smug discussion behind the safety of a podium).

And in the New World Order, we would have to have our sexual relationships approved by Mika. We would be allowed to consort only with our own kind because it goes without saying that in any affair between superior and subordinate, the subordinate is being coerced, at least, if the subordinate is a female. And that is true, even if the woman, herself, is screaming that it was voluntary and consensual and she's an adult who knew what she was doing and doing what she wanted to do.

"No!" says Mika, "you're a weak-willed victim even if you're too dumb to realize it!"

Which brings me to David Letterman. Who had an affair, or several affairs, with women on his staff. Which was found out by a producer who was in a tough financial situation. Who tried to blackmail Letterman for $2,000,000. Letterman went to the authorities who set up the producer and caught him after Letterman wrote him a check. At that point, of course, the story broke and became public. Letterman confessed on his show, rather gracefully, I thought. He handled it in a gently humorous fashion, which is probably what you'd suspect out of a comedian. Most of the people in his audience laughed. Of course, he was trying to protect himself. Wouldn't you?

All of which sent Mika soaring into the ozone layer of outrage. She was indignant that Letterman resorted to jokes when she thought torrents of tears, followed by a hiri-kiri sword would have been more appropriate. She was disgusted that his viewers, for the most part, agreeably, let him off the hook. She was irritated by the men on Morning Joe, none of whom took it quite as seriously as she did, being only mildly critical of Letterman. And Mika was horribly upset that none of the women involved were willing to come forward and file charges for sexual harassment.

Because, of course, it had to be sexual harassment, didn't it? There was no possibility that these were grown women making voluntary choices to have sex with who the hell they wanted to have sex with. Wouldn't surprise me if that didn't happen now. I've read on the blogs that some newspapers and magazines are offering big bucks to the first one who spills her guts. I'm sure Mika will have her on to cuddle and hug and urge her forward to admit how she was taken advantage of and used because she had no clue what was happening. Poor little pitiful thing.

So who will be the manipulator then? The man with whom she had sex or the one (assuming it is a man) who writes her a very large check for her teary-eyed story?

And it seems to be forgotten in all of this that David Letterman himself is a victim - of a blackmailer. And extortion is an actual crime, unlike extra-marital sex. But Mika evidentally isn't concerned about man-on-man offenses because I've barely heard a word about about the awfulness of the blackmailer.

Here's the thing. I don't care who people have sex with as long as it doesn't involve violence or children. I didn't care when it was Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. I didn't care when it was all those Republican representatives and senators whose names I forget now because there were so many of them. I don't care when it is John Edwards. That doesn't mean I don't think he's slime but I don't care. What he does is between him and Elizabeth.

And if it would happen to be me, I don't need Mika Brzezinski rushing to my rescue. I'm fully capable of freely making my own decisions and standing by them without anyone's assistance, thank you very much. I resent being told that my sexual choice was made out of foolishness and that I need my betters to sort it out for me.

In short, I believe Mika should mind her own damn business and let the rest of us do the same.

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