Monday, October 5, 2009

Democrat Disappointment

I'm sorry for some of my friends. They had so much faith in Barack Obama, it was scary. I was a Hillary supporter but even if I hadn't been passionately in her corner, I would have been uncomfortable with the Obama worship some of them exhibited. To me, it verged on the cult-like, although it made them furious if you expressed that view. If you tried to talk them down, they lobbed ever more extravagant adjectives at you. "Obama, the Enlightened One".

I was accused of being old and cynical and perhaps I am, but I don't believe in putting human beings on pedestals - not movie stars, not athletes, and certainly not politicians. People who impute near God-like qualities to other men or women are bound to be disappointed. There are some folks who excel in various areas - in charm, in skill, in intellect, in courage - but in the end, they're simply people with their own fears and frailties.

Some of the Democrats really bought into the whole bipartisan concept the Obama campaign pushed so relentlessly. They truly believed that through the sheer power of his mesmerizing personality, Barack would win over the Republicans, so that we'd all be singing Kumbaya together, unlike, of course, my gal, Hillary, whom they would fight tooth and nail. With Obama, the lion would lie down with the lamb.

Uh huh, sure thing. The Republicans impeached Bill and they swift-boated Kerry but Obama would pass his hand across their heads and convert them? I never believed that for one minute. For whatever reason, our national politics have degenerated into civil war. The Dems still don't want to admit it even as the Republicans are launching nuclear warheads in their direction.

Under the circumstances, I thought the best thing the Democrats could do was send a proven warrior to the front lines but a majority of my party disagreed. They were in favor Mahatma Obama and peace negotiations. How's that workin' out for you, folks? Have you seen any signs that the Republicans are starting to come around yet?

Think they are going to lie down and help Barack pass health care? If you do, you must see pots of gold at the end of rainbows. I think that, once again, a health care plan was murdered in cold blood. Oh, something may be passed that is sold to us as an "incremental improvement". They'll display the corpse and try to convince us it's still breathing, but don't believe it. The insurance companies and the politicians in their pockets, have screwed us again and the saddest thing is how enthusiastically we cooperated in our own betrayal. "By God, don't you dare give me healthcare!" citizens screamed at town hall meetings, convinced by the gazillion dollar pay-offs industry lobbyists made to our representatives and the booming voices of people like Rush Limbaugh who are able to pay for their drug rehab with a personal check.

Some people expected miracles from Obama but so far, they aren't coming to pass and I doubt they ever will. I never thought he had super-natural abilities. I thought he was bright, a nice guy, a well-intentioned guy, a not very experienced guy. I thought he'd probably be a decent president if he was tough enough not to be destroyed by the Republicans. I also thought he was a middle-of-the-road guy and not at all the liberal knight in shining armor so many Democrats were praying for. I thought he was a half-a-loaf compromiser.

So far, I'm not disappointed because I never annointed Barack Obama as the Democrat savior. For those who did, reality is beginning to bite.

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