Thursday, June 25, 2009

As the World Turns....

- a sad thing - Farrah Fawcett died today. Farrah was the iconic woman of my generation, a golden girl if ever there was one. She had the best selling poster of her time. Even my son, 10 years old then, had it hanging on his bedroom wall. Ask most of us young women who we most would have liked to look like and it would have been Farrah of the fabulous hair, hair we all tried to emulate but next quite could. She was a Charlie's Angel, a sex object. When she decided to be a serious actress, she was laughed at but she paid her dues and earned her credibility. And earned even more with the courageous way she handled her illness. She stayed beautiful even when chemotherapy took away the hair. Bless you, Farrah, you're still one of my heroines.

- an infuriating thing - Congress is going to totally muck up health care again. What is so freakin' complicated about Medicare for Everyone? Ah, say the Republicans, and even some Democrats, the government can't do business as well as the private sector. Yeah? Is that right? Then how come the insurance companies are doing such a rotten job now (almost 20% paid out for administrative costs) compared to Medicare (3% for administration). Do you supposed it could be because the Medicare honchos don't make $26 million a year like the private CEOs? If you're wealthy and healthy, insurance companies are fine. But if you happen to be poor or sick, you're up the creek. And now Congress wants me to start paying taxes on my health care benefits like they are income. And, force me to buy it (like car insurance) whether I can afford it or not. Tell me how any of this is going to make health care better? Answer: it's not. Congress is going to create another monster, which is one of the things they do best.

- another infuriating thing - On NASCAR Now, Mark Martin was asked what he thought of Kyle Busch (why he was asked this particular question is a whole other issue). His reply - he thinks Kyle is one of the greatest drivers, maybe the best since Jeff Gordon or even Dale Earnhardt. Notice anybody he left out of his list of exalted ones? Yep, that would be his teammate, Jimmie Johnson, just the winner of the last three Sprint Cup championships. Guess old Mark didn't think Jimmie deserved to belong on his group of "greatest". I used to have a deal with my friend, Larry, whose favorite driver Mark is. If he saw Mark couldn't win, he'd root for Jimmie and the same with me. All bets are off now. I'll root for anybody besides Mark. And while we're on the subject, I'm sick of Mark getting so much credit just for being old. Geez, I'm old myself but I don't feel like I should be on a pedastal because of it.

- a good thing - my kids are coming from Florida for the weekend. It will be great to see them. John is always telling me how hot and humid it is in the Keys. Today in Indiana it is 94 degrees and feels like a swamp. Should make them feel right at home.

- another good thing - I got my grant/budget finished and sent to Indianapolis today. One of the best things about being able to retire will be never having to present another budget to my overseers again.

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