Sunday, January 4, 2009

Poor Barack?

Poor Barack Obama. You have to wonder sometimes if he doesn't have second thoughts about whether he's bit off more than he can chew. The economy in steep recession - we still have our own wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - now there's more conflict in the Middle East with Israel starting a ground invasion - what to do about Iran and Pakistan and North Korea - and what's Putin up to in Russia anyway, and China? Can we save our banking industry and/or the Big Three? What will the stock market finally go down to? What will the unemployment rate finally go up to? What the heck should we do in Illinois? Can't let it look like we're giving in to the indicted Gov even though he's put forth a man who'd normally be a perfectly acceptable candidate. And, geez, what a mess in Minnesota. Turns out Al Franken is a couple hundred votes ahead but the R's are screaming fraud and Coleman will surely sue. What else could possibly go wrong? Oops, don't say that because you know that old story about the man who said it could be worse and, sure enough.

Do you think the president-elect thinks at times - "Holy shit, what have I got myself into?"

Nope, I don't either. You have to have an ego as tall as Mount Everest to think you are qualified to lead the nation better than anyone else anyway and when you're Obama and had less experience than just about every other candidate had, that's surely especially so. So, my guess is that's he's chomping at the bit to take over, believing in his heart that he's the one to make things better.

Maybe he's right. I sure hope so.

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