Wednesday, January 28, 2009

His Holiness

I skipped watching most the Obama Inauguration. I may be sorry someday since it was haled as the most momentous event of my lifetime and I let it pass me by. I watched enough to see people screaming and crying and praying. I read enough to know that the two million in attendance came from all over the country and that there was dancing in the streets in Africa and maybe other continents besides. I heard enough to know that the pedastal the media put Barack Obama on way back last year at the start of the primaries is higher than ever.

And this is my problem. Yes, I was for Hillary and yes, I was bitter about the way the primaries were decided but what was done was done. Barack was it and at least it wouldn't be Bush anymore. I accepted the situation, voted for Obama, and have been satisfied with most of the decisions he's made so far.

But, the reverence with which he's being treated is literally nauseating - the awe in the voices of the media, the ecstasy in the expressions of the people being interviewed. The superlatives that are used to describe him : fearless, brilliant, amazing, flawless, transcendent, enlightened. I expect to hear Mika Brzenzski on Morning Joe refer to him as Saint Barack any day now, to see stigmata forming on her hands. We've heard a lot about the circumstances of Obama's birth and upbringing but considering the worshipful attitudes so many have about him, can the theory of immaculate conception be far behind?

The fact is that President Obama is a man, just a man. Yes, he's smart and handsome and charming, etc. etc. but still, just a man.

I'll be able to pay more attention to what the Obama administration actually does when the cloying smell of sanctity about who he is dissipates a little.