Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President-Elect Obama

Onward and upward to the White House for Barack Obama and his supporters. I voted when I got back from Lafayette, close to the end of the time the polls were open. I stopped and picked up Mom first. It is sort of a ritual with us to go together to vote. As I'd said I would, I voted for Obama, although without any great enthusiasm.

The kids are here. They'll be leaving for their next posting in Key Largo, Florida next week, tough duty! We all watched the results come in together. I kept reassuring nervous Obama fans that they had nothing to worry about. I knew, starting sometime last week, that he was going to win in a landslide. With some elections, I get that feeling that you have when you are speeding down the highway and the light ahead of you is green and you wonder, "am I going to make it?". Then, you hit a certain point where you know for sure you've got it. When I feel that way about an election, I'm never wrong and I started feeling that way about Obama early last week. I never believed the polls about the race tightening toward the end.

We watched different stations, off and on, but mostly MSNBC, and as always, they made me furious. They practically had collective religious experiences emoting over the wonder of America and Obama, going on and on about what a perfect campaign he ran and what a truly incredible, marvelous human being he is, etc, etc. I have a feeling if I watch Mika Brezenzki (spelling - too tired to look it up) on Morning Joe this a.m., it will be similar to watching that actress in Sleepless in Seattle where she pretends to fake an orgasm in the restaurant....except she won't be pretending. The only little detail Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, et al, forgot was to tell us how much a part all of them played in this night's results. They were not neutral reporters standing by to inform us about the campaigns, as they implied, but active participants in there scratching every minute to bring about their desired result.

So, I have very mixed emotions this morning. I'm moved by the older African-Americans who told us, with tears in their eyes, how inspired they are, having never thought they'd see a Black man become president in their lifetime. At the same time, I wonder if I will ever see a woman president in my lifetime.

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