Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Want A Bolt

*Update - Upon re-visiting the Ebay website, I just realized that this is not a bolt as I called it all along. It is a lug nut. As un-motor-familiar as I am, I guess to me when you've seen one bitty little piece of metallic car part, you've seen them all. And incidentally, it is up to $137.50 now.

A few days ago, I got an e-mail from the Jimmie Johnson Foundation informing me that they had some items on E-bay that I might be interested in. I clicked on to their E-bay site and sure enough, I found a thing I wanted. It is a simple bolt, signed by Jimmie, from the race in Texas. There were several items - hats and Christmas ornaments and banners - but I'd like to have the bolt because it is small, perfect for my memorabilia shelf. The shelf is where is keep all my sentimental items - shells from Sanibel and a tiny little Indian pot made by Apaches in New Mexico and a blown glass marble from Las Olmas Blvd in Ft Lauderdale and wee sheriff's star.... I could go on and on with what is there but let's just say, it is a compilation of my collective memories of people and places and things I've known and loved.

So, you know, I thought the bolt would be the perfect addition to my shelf, the perfect symbol of the hours of enjoyment I've found in my new enthusiasm.

I made a bid. I didn't shoot the moon but it seemed like a more-than-reasonable amount for a simple bolt, even if it was signed by Jimmie Johnson. By the next morning, Ebay informed me that I'd been out-bid and encouraged me to come back and up my offer. Which I did.

Another day later and another message that a competitor for what I was now beginning to think of as my bolt had once again out-bid me. E-bay made me feel that I was a gutless wuss if I dropped out now so I charged back in and upped the ante by what I thought was a rather significant amount.

Twenty-four hours brought yet another message. The price was getting up to what you'd now expect a solid-gold bolt to bring, something that might appear on velvet in the front window of Tiffany's. Unhappily and reluctantly, I dropped out with 8 days, 6 hours and 18 minutes left to go in the auction.

But, I'd really, really love to have that bolt. I keep going back to see what the current price is ($76). In my heart I know, it would be ridiculous to pay that kind of money for a small hunk of metal. I've never been into hero-worship, never the type to ask anyone for an autograph although I've met a few people who might have been considered autograph worthy but I can just imagine the bolt sitting in all its signed glory on my shelf. And it's for charity so it would be rather like killing two birds with one stone, helping some unfortunate person while also making myself happy.

That the pro argument. The con argument is paying $100 or more for a bolt!

I have that Ebay page bookmarked, just so I can check out what's going on. I just want to see what it finally brings. I swear I'm not going to bid again. I'm not....

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