Saturday, November 8, 2008

Book of Days

* American military deaths in Iraq - 25 in September 2008, 14 in October 2008, 2 so far in November 2008 - total of 4192

* Number of American jobs lost in October 2008 - 240,000 - our unemployment rate is now at a 14 year high

I believe the Democrats won in 2006 due to Fact # 1 above but they won in 2008 due to Fact # 2.

- Please! I do not care about Michelle Obama's dress. I do not not care about Sarah Palin's wardrobe. Just like I did not care about the number of times First Lady Hillary Clinton changed her hair do. The obsession the media has with women's clothes, hair, color of lipstick, fingernails, thighs, cleavage, etc., etc. makes me sick. No male politician, be he fashion plate or slob, ever has to deal with this crap whereas woman catch it from both ends. If she is too high style, she is castigated for being a snob, a clothes horse, an elitist. If she is too low end, she is crucified for being dowdy, plain, low-class. Appearance is a weapon used against women in politics, a weapon from which men are immune.

Michelle Obama will not win this argument. She will be put under a microscope of analysis by the fashion mavens of the New York Times and the various magazines and news/entertainment shows. Her every clothing move will be dissected and criticized (starting with the dress she wore at Obama's acceptance appearance on election night). Meanwhile, Barack will just go swimmingly along, despite what he wears. He can choose Ralph Lauren or Sears and it won't be worth a mention. It is such an unfair double standard.

- I know the practical side of politics. I know that every vote can count when the numbers are as close as they are in the Senate. I know that in politics, "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" is one of the Ten Political Commandments. I know I am probably an idealist rather than a realist but my vote (if I had one) would go with throwing Joseph Lieberman out of the party. Any man who actively campaigns with the presidential candidate of the other side, any man who says the nominee of his own party doesn't "love America" is no longer a member of that party. Let him go be a Republican. I don't care about his vote. At the very least, he should be stripped of his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee. In politics, the line in the sand between principle and playing ball is pretty thin but there are times when it simply must be acknowledged and this is one of those times. Joe has to go.

- If this keeps up, the media may force me to feel sympathy for Barack. Most new presidents get at least a short honeymoon but Obama's seems to have lasted for less than 24 hours. And what is the big criticism? Choosing Rahm Emmanuel as his Chief of Staff - Rahm, formerly of the Clinton administration, Rahm with a well-deserved reputation as a hard-ass. The outraged Republicans declare that this selection goes against the spirit of change and bipartisanship Obama claimed he stood for (never mind that not even giving the man his first decision without jumping him indicates their concern about bipartisanship is not exactly sincere). The equally outraged liberal Democrats declare that this selection goes against the spirit of change and bipartisanship Obama claimed he stood for. They, of course, did everything they could to rid the party of all things Clintonion and to them, Rahm represents a betrayal. I say, "ha!ha!" (or, "lol", if you prefer internet parlance). Clinton knew, as does Barack - along with every other elected official - that if you hope to succeed, you need, above all, someone to have your back against the many parties who would like to see you fail. And that person must be tough. Rahm Emmanuel has been called many things but a wuss is not one of them. It did my heart good to see both Joe Scarborough and Rachel Maddow whine about this choice. If you are making both of those two unhappy, I say you must be doing something right!

- The cops in my police discussion group have worked themselves into a snit talking about the unlikely possibility that a President Barack might somehow pull off a coup that bans all weapons in America prior to a door-to-door campaign to confiscate all our guns. To me, this seems like black helicopter stuff. No president could ever get away with this in America and wouldn't even try even if, in their fondest dreams they would look favorably on such a vision. But, I don't even think that's the case. I also belong to a Democrat discussion group (started out supporting General Wesley Clark, then getting behind Hillary this time, and finally mostly supporting Barack when he became the nominee) - in other words, liberal Democrats all, with some more liberal than others. I've never heard one of them ever mention the remotest desire to confiscate America's weapons.

- Jimmie Johnson won the pole at Phoenix International Raceway yesterday by posting the fastest lap. That means he'll start first and have the first pit box which should be a big advantage. His closest competitor, Carl Edwards, will start tenth. For me, the presidential election was about a six on the Stress-o-Meter. The race on Sunday will be a ten, possibly exploding the blood pressure bulb at the top.

John thinks he came home from New Jersey to discover that an alien had taken over his mother's brain. "When I left, you were a politics fanatic and passionate about war and the economy and the environment. I come home three months later and you've become a Jimmie Johnson groupie. Aren't you doing things the wrong way around? Shouldn't you be maturing from auto racing to concerns about the country?"

- It is 35 degrees out this morning with predictions of highs in the mid-40's for the early part of next week. Eventually, winter will come, maybe with a vengeance, but what a ride we've been having so far. One glorious, golden day after another.

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