Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Since I've taken a vow of political celibacy, I've turned my attention to other interests. Had to force myself to do it really in order to stave off a) insanity or b) stroke. While I took my sabbatical, I wrote two novels. I haven't been able to sell the one I'd already written but what the heck, I had a wonderful time writing these last two and I seriously am going to bear down trying to market them.

I didn't even mean to write the second one. The first - Sticks and Carrots - flowed so easily that I wrote 329 pages in approximately six weeks, working every spare minute that I didn't actually have to do something important, like my job. I was at the computer way early in the morning, no later than 3:00 a.m. and late into the night (well, late for me means 10:00). When it was finished, I had the germ of an idea for another book. I thought I'd get down that idea so I didn't forget it and just kept going which meant another approximately 340 pages in another month and a half.

It's ironic that my political disappointments lead to something that turned out to be so much fun.

I am also keeping my hand in with writing columns. I'm writing a weekly piece now for the Logansport Pharos-Tribune. (Anyone interested can go to and put my name in the search box.) Mostly I've stayed away from politics in those columns too and kept with humor and human interest stuff. I truly am determined to break my political addiction.

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