Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Presidential Campaign

Ah, well, we had two primaries yesterday - Kentucky and Oregon. I went to the New York Times and Washington Post websites to see what the final results were. And I still don't know. Because the headlines in both papers were something to effect that Barack Obama has now declared that he has, essentially, secured the nomination. Both showed the final percentages in Oregon which Obama won, I forget by how much. Neither thought Kentucky rated even a single line for their results because it doesn't matter, does it? Hillary could have won by 30 points, and maybe she did, but the newspapers, the television commentators, the bloggers, the Democratic party and of course, Barack Obama himself, have declared him the winner so what happened in Kentucky is unimportant in the scheme of things.
The establishment of the Democratic party has got is way. It's been a harder struggle than they thought it would be, even with all the advantages they tried to give him. Obama still had a tough time sealing the deal (and some of us don't think he has yet) but we, the little people, I guess you could call us, don't have a prayer of prevailing when the power people have made their choice, not when Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy and Donna Brazile and Tom Daschle and Nancy Pelosi have made the decision for us. And Senator Claire McCaskill's daughter, for God's sake - who could ever go against that freakin' font of political wisdom? Well, obviously not her mother, who said she made her choice to support Barack because her teenage daughter loves him. Isn't it comforting to know Missourians that the good Senator's daughter is making the call for you?
I read that Hillary is going to Florida today to try to get those votes counted. But, of course, she'd be ahead in the popular vote if that happened, along with Michigan, so that would undercut Barack's claim of victory some - so she's pissing into the wind. It flatly won't be allowed to happen. But here's what will happen. Once it is completely too late and Obama is officially, and indisputably the winner, guess what? The Democrats will decide they want Florida and Michigan in there after all and they'll find a way to do it and they'll just all be so happy and oh, yes, UNITED, that's what they'll be.
Geez, what is it with women? The African-Americans support their guy by about 92 percent. Can anyone say monolithic? Well, what's wrong with that, backing a member of your own team? But we women would never do that. Oh, no. I can remember clear back when I worked in factories and belonged to unions how many of the women would rather suck up to the bosses than fight for the rights of their fellow workers. I can remember back to when there actually was a women's movement, a lot of women were the worst about saying they didn't want "no steenkin' equal rights".
We haven't changed much. The whole thing makes me sick.

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