Monday, December 31, 2007

Good Bye 2007

*22 American soldiers killed in Iraq in December 2007.

Over all, politically, 2007 wasn't that great of a year. Iraq is quieter since the surge except for the families of the soldiers who are still being killed (including one on the last day of 2007). If you love someone who died, it probably doesn't help much to know that "deaths are down". And, still, no one can seem to articulate what our end goal is in Iraq or how we'll know when we've "won". We do know that when its over, we'll be left with an enormous, and enormously expensive embassy, larger than the freakin' Vatican!

We know that while the president vetoed the SCHIP bill, which would have given millions of additional American children healthcare on the grounds that we "couldn't afford" such generosity, we handed out cases of American dollars in Iraq (along with cases of American weapons) to just about anyone who came along. We "lost" enough unaccounted for billions of dollars in Iraq to pay for SCHIP.

We know that while Iraq is quieter, Afghanistan is deteriorating (you know, Afghanistan, the original home of Osama Bin Laden, the perpetrator of 911!)

We know that Pakistan, a country that definitely has WMD, is now in turmoil after the assassination of Benizir Bhutto.

We know one good thing -our intelligence agencies decided they wouldn't take the hit again for starting a war on bad information and released a National Intelligence Estimate stating that Iran had ended its efforts to build nuclear weapons some years ago. This was probably in the nick of time to stop us from bombing Iran as Vice-president Cheney and some of the well-known neocons are on record as wanting to do.

Another good thing - President Bush and Condoleezza Rice have decided to put their efforts (finally) into trying to negotiate a peace agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians. If they pull it off, there would be at least one check mark on the positive side of the Bush legacy.

Even if that happens, I think the conclusion that history will come to is that the Bushies went over to the smoldering powder keg that was the Middle East and set a match to it. Now, I'm just praying that we can all get through the next year until these people are gone and rational leaders take over our foreign policy.

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