Monday, November 6, 2006

Attention: Wabash County Voters

Concerning the race for State Representative in District 22, there is a radio ad running in which Larry Rensberger says that he is not running for office and gives his complete support to Bill Ruppel. The Larry Rensberger in the ad is a ringer! He is NOT the same Larry Rensberger who is actually opposing Ruppel! People have told me about this ad and asked if, in fact, the real candidate has dropped out and if they would be wasting their vote if they vote for Larry Rensberger. The answer to these questions is no. Larry Rensberger has NOT dropped out. If you planned to vote for him, please do.

I think this comes under the heading of "dirty politics".


  1. will anyone call ruppel out on this. I think I know just the gal

  2. Dirty politics?!! What the...!! Now who is the political novice?