Sunday, August 27, 2006

Time Marches On....

I'm surprised how many people make note of the times I write on this blog which mostly tend to be quite early in the morning. I wouldn't have thought this is even something people would pay attention to - but - instead of commenting about the controversial political issues I bring up, they marvel that I wrote the segment at 2:30 a.m. Instead of writing a rousing response, they register amazement at the middle-of-the-night time stamp.

I hate to disappoint readers but part of the earliness can be attributed to my lack of technical expertise. When our esteemed governor mandated that we exchange our Hoosier independence for sheep's clothing and bow to yearly time changes as the rest of the country does, I dutifully changed the time on my computer. Unfortunately, the obstinant machine was evidently pre-programmed to "Indiana" time and convinced that I was wrong, it refused to accept my correction. It will register the proper time for two or three days and then, it fixes itself back to what time it would be pre-Daniels.

Perhaps, the computer is only sensing my own reluctance to obey this order from on high. But, whatever, I am ignorant about how to over-ride its decision to return to an earlier (and better) era when Indiana marched to its own timely drummer.

Therefore, after many attempts to fix the problem, I have now given up and simply add a mental hour to the time that is reflected on my toolbar. This means that if the blog entry thinks it was written at 2:30 a.m., it was really 3:30. Granted, this is still pretty early.......

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