Saturday, May 6, 2006

Election Recap

First, I'm sorry I'm been away so long but political events kept me busy. Now that the election is over I plan to spend more time here. I also want to apologize because I'm am a beginning blogger and still not very familiar with the mechanics of a blog. When I first started this, it was set so that any comment made would be published, then somehow, without my knowing it, that got changed so that I discovered that I had to manually approve posts before they would show up. I don't know how to change that back but until I find out, I will monitor the situation closely and publish any comments as they appear. There were several posts to the "Why the Deputies Quit" section, both pro and con to my views, that did not get published until now. One person made a statement that they didn't believe I would print their post because they disagreed with me. My policy on comments is that all that come from a real person will be posted. The only ones I delete are some that are obviously sales pitches.

I can take the heat for what I write. In all the years, I wrote for the Plain Dealer and the syndicate, I received many negative responses. I've always held the position that Americans should be more involved in the political process, not less, so there is nothing I enjoy more than a good old red-meat debate. The more people discuss the issues, the happier I am, whatever their beliefs are. I might suggest that people identify themselves rather than posting as "Anonymous". It is much easier to be brave about what you write from behind the fire wall of anonymity. After all, you know who I am.

I'm not going to respond now to the comments that were made since they are no longer very timely, except to say that Tim Roberts never wanted to fire Bryan Cox. (I think Bryan deserves to have me say that). Anything further on that subject should probably come from Tim although he is currently in Oregon being Grandpa so I doubt he'll be blog-reading for a while.

I want to say that I have never been prouder of any campaign I've been involved in than I have of Mike Shrider's. The Shrider family worked their hearts out and were professional in every way from small things like the decorations for our events, to the ads Mike ran, to the website, to wanting to include every small town in Wabash County in our campaign, to the way Mike insisted on staying positive at all times.

Of course, he stated in his ads and on his website things he believed could be changed and improved about the Sheriff's Department. That's what candidates do. Perhaps some in the Striker campaign thought Mike was giving them hell but as Harry Truman once said, "I just tell them the truth and they think it's hell."

I had to laugh at Rick Hahn's letter to the editor in the Plain Dealer in which he said that our Committee "spewed hateful rhetoric". Rick must be a total political novice if he considered anything we said as "hateful rhetoric"! Perhaps, Rick should have used names and examples because I don't know what he was talking about. As for me, I stand behind everything I said, both in public and private.

In fact, some of us wanted to be more confrontational. For instance, we thought an issue should have been made of Leroy's refusal to debate even though the Governmental Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Commerce offered to sponsor a debate and Oldies 106 offered to broadcast it live. My own opinion is that any incumbent owes it to the voters to be willing to stand before them and plead his case for what he's done and why he deserves to be re-elected.

Some of us wanted to point this out but Mike said no.

In retrospect, perhaps Mike's insistence on keeping to the high road contributed to his losing the election by 193 votes. We'll never know for sure but in any event, every candidate must run a campaign that is in keeping with his character and that is what Mike did.

So that is my election re-cap. If you agree or disagree, post away. You will be heard.

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