Friday, April 28, 2006

Time Changes

I hate the time change. Being an "early to rise, early to bed" person, I'm usually up drinking my coffee and plinking around on the computer by 4:00 a.m. By contrast, I'm shuffling upstairs with my book by 9:00 and by 10:00, I'm normally asleep. Now as I lay in bed, the sun hasn't even completely set. Even though I sleep the same number of hours as before, going to bed before dark feels sort of shameful and weak. If someone calls and asks me if they woke me up, even if they did, I lie about it. "Me, in bed this early? Heaven's no!"

I was always rather proud of the fact that Indiana refused to do all the hysterical springing forward and falling back other states did. To me, it symbolized a kind of sturdy Midwest independence against conformism. Time is what it is, after all, and it seems rather foolish of humans to believe they can twist it to their advantage instead of simply cooperating with it.

I'm not sure who the time change benefits. Terri said she thinks she's going to have to extend her hours at GoodFella's Pizza because more people are calling late for pizzas. She doesn't really want to have to do this as the majority of her employees, including herself, also work a full-time day job at which they have to be at work early. It would be a hardship for them to stay open an extra hour. She said Kelly's Ice Cream said the time change was probably going to force them to stay open later as well. Kristina said she and her girlfriend like to walk early in the morning as soon as it gets light but now sunrise doesn't come until too late.

I've been told that farmers prefer the later sunset but I don't see why. Regardless of what the clock says, there is daylight for x number of hours out of every 24. You don't get an extra hour of light by changing time.

I resent having the time change foisted off on us by Governor Daniels. It seems as if he came back from his sojourn in Washington determined to yank ole' backward Indiana single-handedly into the 21st century. Being so caught up in national and local politics, I hadn't been paying too much attention to the wheelings and dealings at the state level so I didn't even know this change was upon me until shortly before it happened. I very grudgingly set my clock forward on the dictated night but my internal clock still hasn't adjusted.

I don't really care what time schedule we are on. I can get used to this one, I guess. I just don't want to have to change twice a year. I want to set my clock and forget it, knowing it will be that time forever. There is nothing inherently superior about joining a popular club if it stands for something stupid.

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  1. I had a friend refer your site to me -- not knowing whose site I was to be visiting. I was pleased to learn that after missing your column in the Plain Dealer, I could now read your "column" online. Please keep it up -- I love a good blog!